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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. The Barcelona conference actually marks the beginning of a new period of international river law whose orientation was precisely opposite to that which it foreshadowed 2. The dunes, river beds, marine beaches almost always offer such facies (fig 3. The first, established in 1856, with authority over the lower part of the river and has extensive powers, could be considered a 4. The international river law is based replenishment path of strengthening sovereignty, but also the technical requirements that make not compulsory cooperation, but felt as a necessity 5. The mainland area upstream is called "maritime river

Given are the examples of hindi word jnbaalinee usage in english sentences. The examples of jnbaalinee are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., river, stream, river.

Find the river Narmada on Map.मानचित्र में नमर्दा नदी का पता लगाओ|

People have lived along the banks of this river for several hundred thousand years.कई लाख वर्ष पहले से लोग इस नदी के तट पर रह रहे हैं|
Trace the river Indus and its tributaries (tributaries are smaller rivers that flow into a larger river).मानचित्र पर सिंधु तथा इसकी सहायक नदियों का पता लगाने का प्रयास करो|
The Iranians and the Greeks who came through the northwest about 2500 years ago and were familiar with the Indus, called it the Hindos or the Indos, and the land to the east of the river was called India.लगभग 2500 वर्ष पूर्व उत्तर-पश्चिम की ओर से आने वाले ईरानियों और यूनानियों ने सिंधु को हिंदोस अथवा इंदोस और इस नदी के पूर्व में स्थित भूमि प्रदेश को इण्डिया कहा|
The perennial river Kaveri flows near this beautiful town.
The Buddha preached his first sermon at the city of Benares, most holy of the dipping places on the River Ganges; that sermon has been preserved and is given here.
The river valleys of the world are densely populated while deserts have spare population.
Elephants enjoy being bathed and scrubbed in the river by their mahouts.
The most laidback individuals become converts to the life of high-energy adventure with river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking.
A few years later a large area of forest was cleared on the banks of the river Subarnarekha to set up the factory and an industrial township Jamshedpur.
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