jaraayamapeshaa example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण Usage and Example of jaraayamapeshaa 1. It shall require the offender an apology, but the offender can present them without being accused of cowardice and dishonor so 2. The most serious punishment necessarily entailed the confiscation of property of the offender the benefit of the authority was in charge of the expenses of the Inquisition 3. The offender is considered guilty of an international crime and, in principle, can not participate as equal to the establishment of peace 4. If guilty of murder on the person of somebody 5. The formal heresy is external and public punished with a major excommunication thinker, theologian, guilty person (cit The author of a heresy -

Given are the examples of hindi word jaraayamapeshaa usage in english sentences. The examples of jaraayamapeshaa are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., culprit, offender, gangster, malefactor, felon, guilty, convict, criminal, crook, transgressor, delinquent, lawbreaker, outlaw, fallacy, deficiency, defect, flaw, blame, weakness, offence, fault, mistake, reflection, imperfection, shortcoming, catch, guilt.

To hunt animals or catch fish and birds, people need to be alert, quick, and have lots of presence of mind.जानवरों के शिकार, चिड़िया या मछलियाँ पकड़ने के लिए बड़ा सतर्क, जागरूक और तेज़ होना पड़ता है|

Those children who show intellectual deficiency are termed as mentally challenged or mentally retarded .
The American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) views mental retardation as significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning existing concurrently with deficits in adaptive behaviour and manifested during the developmental period .
If the expiry period was not printed, the manufacturer would blame the shopkeeper and will not accept the responsibility.
Candidates who are known to have spent a lot of money on buying votes and those with known criminal connections often lose elections.
In some parts of the country, candidates with criminal connection have been able to push others out of the electoral race and to secure a ticket from major parties.
) If you re going to chase them one by one, you won t catch very many.
He would catch a female monarch, take her eggs, and raise them in his basement through their life cycle, from egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult butterfly.
Since the ratios are derived from the financial statements, any weakness in the original financial statements will also creep in the derived analysis in the form of ratio analysis.
The Djinn rolled himself up in his dust-cloak, and took a walk across the Desert, and found the Camel looking at his own reflection in a pool of water.
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