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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण Usage and Example of jinda rahana 1. Such instruments still exist in some parts of Africa, Australia or America 2. The first applications have mainly concerned the teaching of informatics, but lessons now exist in almost all disciplines, including the humanities, arts, psychology, etc 3. The former names also exist in everyday vocabulary, much time will be referred to the franc by "franc" and 5 F with "franc" 4. The rallying a group of artists and writers to a strongly built body of doctrine did not exist 5. The subject of female labor does not exist, do not exist

Given are the examples of hindi word jinda rahana usage in english sentences. The examples of jinda rahana are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., exist, hold on.

These are: Management of work: All organisations exist for the performance of some work.

Different traits can exist in varying degrees in an individual.
Any attribute will be said to exist in a person only if it can be measured by using scientific procedures.
Multiple Aptitude Tests exist in the form of test batteries, which measure aptitude in several separate but homogeneous areas.
It also takes into account various interlinkages which may exist between the different sectors of an economy.
Can such a conception be accepted today? In any case, can we refer to any period of history as Hindu or Muslim ? Did not a variety of faiths exist simultaneously in these periods? Why should we characterise an age only through the religion of the rulers of the time? To do so is to suggest that the lives and practices of the others do not really matter.
A manager should realise that informal groups or organisations exist within every formal organi-sation.
In most of the organisations, several barriers may exist for effective communications.
These challenges exist not just in India but also in many established democracies.
Such record in primary table must exist before any data record is entered in grid to be finally stored in ouchersDetail table.
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