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Given are the examples of hindi word daal dena usage in english sentences. The examples of daal dena are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., land in, discard, breathe into, bung.

The growing of different crops on a piece of land in a pre-planned succession is known as crop rotation.

The growing of different crops on a piece of land in pre-planned succession is called crop rotation.
'' Most of the arable land in the Champaran district was divided into large estates owned by Englishmen and worked by Indian tenants.
She loves the surroundings and wants to stay here as long as she can, but this little girl has no idea about the declining fertility of the soil and her family's search for fresh a patch of land in the next season.
Though the 'right of inheritance' leading to the division of land among successive generations has rendered land-holding size uneconomical, the farmers continue to take maximum output from the limited land in the absence of alternative source of livelihood.
People started encroaching the common lands to build up commercial areas, housing complexes in the urban areas and to expand the agricultural land in the rural areas.
The 80 upper caste families own the majority of land in the village.
They were keen on controlling large areas of land in compact blocks to allow improved breeding.
Till the 1780s, white American settlements were confined to a small narrow strip of coastal land in the east.
In 1910, about 45 million acres of land in the USA was under wheat.
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