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Given are the examples of hindi word thodee der usage in english sentences. The examples of thodee der are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., a bit.

We are a bit large for them to swallow whole and they have no means of chopping us up into bite-size pieces.

You have exerted yourself and have spent quite a bit of your energy.
The following Sunday Lencho came a bit earlier than usual to ask if there was a letter for him.
Harris and I had a bit of a row over it, but at last split the difference, and said half-past six.
Actresses don't work full time, do they? Anyway, that or a fashion designer, you know — something a bit sophisticated”.
” “Something in a cage?” Mr Purcell was a bit confused, “You mean—some sort of pet?” “I mean what 1 said,” snapped the man.
If we think a bit more about this, it becomes apparent that all this movement, in response to the environment, is carefully controlled.
We have never seen an animal growing more in one direction or the other, depending on light or gravity! But if we think about it a bit more, it will become evident that, even in animal bodies, growth happens in carefully controlled places.
On each trip across the pool a bit of the panic seized me.
It looks like you're a bit queer — kind of a mystery man.
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