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Given are the examples of hindi word dhuree usage in english sentences. The examples of dhuree are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., spindle, axis, pivot.

A more important sign that the centre of gravity in cricket has shifted away from the old, Anglo-Australian axis is that innovations in cricket technique in recent years have mainly come from the practice of subcontinental teams in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

These structures serve as the sites of attachment of spindle fibres (formed by the spindle fibres) to the chromosomes that are moved into position at the centre of the cell.
Hence, the metaphase is characterised by all the chromosomes coming to lie at the equator with one chromatid of each chromosome connected by its kinetochore to spindle fibres from one pole and its sister chromatid connected by its kinetochore to spindle fibres from the opposite pole (Figureure 2 b).
During this phase the chromosomes are fully condensed and the meiotic spindle is assembled to prepare the homologous chromosomes for separation.
The microtubules from the opposite poles of the spindle attach to the pair of homologous chromosomes.
At this stage the chromosomes align at the equator and the microtubules from opposite poles of the spindle get attached to the kinetochores (Figureure 4) of sister chromatids.
The nuclear envelope and the nucleolus disappear and the spindle fibres start appearing.
Electron distribution of the sigma molecular orbital is symmetrical around the internuclear axis of the C–C bond which is not disturbed due to rotation about its axis.
The remaining sp hybridised orbital of each carbon atom undergoes overlapping along the internuclear axis with the 1s orbital of each of the two hydrogen atoms forming two C-H sigma bonds.
The axis of rotation of the Earth is not perpendicular to the plane of its orbit.
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