dhau?sanaa example and sentences

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Given are the examples of hindi word dhau?sanaa usage in english sentences. The examples of dhau?sanaa are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., crush, dab, quell, stifle, supress, press, strangle, play down, punch, squash, repress, bridle, compress, jam on, depress, smother, liquidate, touch, stab, jam, swallow, thumb, squeeze, inflict, chastise, fix, pick on, correct, discipline, chasten, quell, oppress, rule, quash, threaten, cow, threaten, frighten, terrify, scare into, spook, scare, jump.

In train, Tushar had managed to squeeze into the window seat, his nose glued to the glass pane.रेल में तुषार को खिड़की वाली सीट मिल गई, जहाँ से वह बाहर का नज़ारा देखने में मग्न हो गया|

Fire could have been used for many things: as a source of light, to cook meat, and to scare away animals.आग का इस्तेमाल कई प्रकार से किया गया होगा जैसे कि प्रकाश के लिए, मांस पकाने के लिए और खतरनाक जानवरों को दूर आदि भगाने के लिए|
Gradually people encouraged animals like sheep, goat, cow and pig to come near the camps where they lived.धीरे-धीरे लोग भेड़, बकरी, गाय और सूअर जैसे जानवरों को अपने घरों के नज़दीक आने को उत्साहित करने लगे|
The quality of workmanship and the quantity of output depends on the hard work, discipline and loyalty of the workers.
It was all much more tempting than the rule for participles, but I had the strength to resist, and hurried off to school.
What would I not have given to be able to say that dreadful rule for the participle all through, very loud and clear, and without one mistake? But I got mixed up on the first words and stood there, holding on to my desk, my heart beating, and not daring to look up.
Hamel sitting motionless in his chair and gazing first at one thing, then at another, as if he wanted to fix in his mind just how everything looked in that little school-room.
Sometimes it is actually incorrect to fix precise dates to processes that happen over a period of time.
Similarly, we cannot fix one single date on which British rule was established, or the national movement started, or changes took place within the economy and society.
In the histories written by British historians in India, the rule of each Governor- General was important.
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