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प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी आज स्वामीनारायण पंथ के अगुवा प्रमुख स्वामी को याद करते हुए भावुक हो गये और उन्होंने कहा कि उन्होंने एक पितातुल्य व्यक्ति को खो दिया पाकिस्तान में बरेलवी पंथ से जुड़े एक संस्थान ने झूठी शान के नाम पर हत्या (ऑनर कीलिंग) के खिलाफ फतवा जारी करते हुए इसे ‘गैर-इस्लामी और अक्षम्य पाप’ करार दिया है सिख धर्म की उत्पति के अध्यापन पर केंद्रित एक अन्य स्लाइड में दावा किया गया है कि इस धर्म के संस्थापक गुरु नानक की इस्लाम के बारे में मामूली समझ थी और उन्होंने सिख पंथ की स्थापना करने में इसे आसपास की हिंदू शैली के साथ मिला लिया
किसी भी पंथ के लोग विवादित बयान न दें: लालू पंथ की सोच को राष्ट्रीय स्तर तक उठाने वाले वो अकेले नेता थे bhaskar.comUsage and Example of panth

Given are the examples of hindi word panth usage in english sentences. The examples of panth are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., cult, school, mishpocha, church.

She remembered the food had been so different when she had been to Madhya Pradesh as part of a school trip.खाते-खाते नेइनुओ को पिछले दिनों अपनी स्कूल की तरफ़ से की गई यात्रा के दौरान मध्य प्रदेश में खाए खाने की याद आ गई|

The E-Chaupal initiative has found its way into the Harvard Business School as a leading case study illustarating the use of modern technology by a leading business house for the benefit of the rural poor.
Many other sources of information, such as teachers judgment, school achievement record, parents interviews, peer and selfratings, etc.
This school of thought is known as the classical tradition.
I started for school very late that morning and was in great dread of a scolding, especially because M.
For the last two years all our bad news had come from there the lost battles, the draft, the orders of the commanding officer and I thought to myself, without stopping, What can be the matter now? Then, as I hurried by as fast as I could go, the blacksmith, Wachter, who was there, with his apprentice, reading the bulletin, called after me, Don t go so fast, bub; you ll get to your school in plenty of time! I thought he was making fun of me, and reached M.
Usually, when school began, there was a great bustle, which could be heard out in the street, the opening and closing of desks, lessons repeated in unison, very loud, with our hands over our ears to understand better, and the teacher s great ruler rapping on the table.
Besides, the whole school seemed so strange and solemn.
It was because they were sorry, too, that they had not gone to school more.
Then he turned to the blackboard, took a piece of chalk, and, bearing on with all his might, he wrote as large as he could ive La France! Then he stopped and leaned his head against the wall, and, without a word, he made a gesture to us with his hand School is dismissed you may go.
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