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Given are the examples of hindi word pahanana usage in english sentences. The examples of pahanana are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., wear, put on, don, climb, change, get into, throw.

Always wear khadi clothes.तुम हमेशा खादी वस्त्र पहनो|

In order to be successful, an organisation must change itself and its goals according to the needs of the environment.
It is generally seen that individuals in an organisation resist change as it often means moving from a familiar, secure environment into a newer and more challenging one.
When Suhasini discovered that her team of designers had produced bedcovers that were more expensive than they had planned to sell, she decided to change the fabric to keep costs in check.
f the predicted consequence is not what we want, we may want to intervene to effect a change in Harish s behaviour.
For the last two years all our bad news had come from there the lost battles, the draft, the orders of the commanding officer and I thought to myself, without stopping, What can be the matter now? Then, as I hurried by as fast as I could go, the blacksmith, Wachter, who was there, with his apprentice, reading the bulletin, called after me, Don t go so fast, bub; you ll get to your school in plenty of time! I thought he was making fun of me, and reached M.
Poor man! It was in honour of this last lesson that he had put on his fine Sunday clothes, and now I understood why the old men of the village were sitting there in the back of the room.
Down there at the back of the room old Hauser had put on his spectacles and, holding his primer in both hands, spelled the letters with them.
They show how we see the significance of the change from one period to the next.
As if the seller has no responsibility once a sale is completed! The consumer movement, as we shall discuss later, is an effort to change this situation.
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