pa?tanaayu example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण

Given are the examples of hindi word pa?tanaayu usage in english sentences. The examples of pa?tanaayu are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., oppositional, in opposition, malicious, hostile, antagonist, spiteful, inimical, adversary, malevolent, resistant, antagonistic.

arieties resistant to these stresses can improve crop production.

Some other preventive measures against pests are the use of resistant varieties, and summer ploughing, in which fields are ploughed deep in summers to destroy weeds and pests.
It can be demonstrated in actual action or through the use of harsh words or criticism, or even hostile feelings against others.
A distinction is also made between instrumental aggression and hostile aggression.
Individuals may exhibit aggression because they have found it rewarding (for example, hostile aggression allows the aggressive person to get what s/he wants).
It is a tale of two lovers belonging to two hostile families who are separated by the war and finally reunited.
The repeated use of the same or similar pesticides give rise to pests that are resistant to that group of pesticides thus making the pesticides ineffective.
Insects have become resistant to these insecticides also.
His government was very hostile to the Kosovo Albanians.
Stress resistant personalities have control which is a sense of purpose and direction in life; commitment to work, family, hobbies and social life; and challenge, that is, they see changes in life as normal and positive rather than as a threat.
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