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Given are the examples of hindi word bujhaana usage in english sentences. The examples of bujhaana are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., extinguish, snuff, douse, slack, smother, assuage, quench, stub, slake, put off, blow out, put out.

Another account described the invasion's impact upon Delhi: (those) … who had been masters were now in dire straits; and those who had been revered couldn't even (get water to) quench their thirst.

I can make you a present of them myself, because they're mine! Your behaviour, Ivan assilevitch, is strange, to say the least! Up to this we have always thought of you as a good neighbour, a friend; last year we lent you our threshing-machine, although on that account we had to put off our own threshing till November, but you behave to us as if we were gypsies.
” It was the slack time of day, and there were only six or seven passengers on the bus.
Now study the pathway shown in Figureure 1 This pathway that has been named the Hatch and Slack Pathway, is again a cyclic process.
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