bhandaaran example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण

Given are the examples of hindi word bhandaaran usage in english sentences. The examples of bhandaaran are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., storage.

The storage of massive food stocks has been responsible for high carrying costs, in addition to wastage and deterioration in grain quality.

Rising transportation and storage costs of the FCI are other contributing factors in this increase.
Also, simply increasing grain production for storage in warehouses cannot solve the problem of malnutrition and hunger.
and with a maximum input of organic manures, recycled farm-wastes (straw and livestock excreta), use of bio-agents such as culture of blue green algae in preparation of biofertilizers, neem leaves or turmeric specifically in grain storage as bio-pesticides, with healthy cropping systems [mixed cropping, inter-cropping and crop rotation as discussed below in 1 ].
These are small storage reservoirs, which intercept and store the run-off of smaller catchment areas.
Since there are limited number of accounts type and are being expressed as numeric only, the data type of this field can be safely taken as Number/byte because the storage space taken by the data type Number/byte is minimum.
The food loss during the storage also needs special attention.
Those areas that are close to the storage points get more water whereas colonies further away receive less water.
Warehousing creates time utility with storage facility.
Special arrangement must be made for storage of goods to prevent loss or damage.
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