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Given are the examples of hindi word bhaeeya usage in english sentences. The examples of bhaeeya are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., brother.

It was the poet who had visited the Gemini Studios I felt like I had found a long lost brother and I sang as I sealed the envelope and wrote out his address.

” Indrani Debi looked at Sibaji babu, the younger brother of her husband.
1 am that enemy of yours who swore revenge on you, because you put my brother to death and seized my property.
His father a landless labourer, depends on Ram Saran and his brother who lives in Hazaribagh, for sustenance.
For girls, the Oedipus complex (called the Electra Complex after Electra, a Greek character, who induced her brother to kill their mother) follows a slightly different course.
He also looked after his younger brother Jeetu and sister Seetu.
He helped his mother in cooking and also looked after his younger brother Mohan.
Sakal's brother and sister do not fall within this age group so they cannot be called unemployed.
His brother and sister, his uncles and aunts, they all seemed to be there.
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