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Given are the examples of hindi word maryaada usage in english sentences. The examples of maryaada are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., code of conduct, decorum, dignity, nobility, propriety, reputation, principle, measure, limit.

Ethical code of conduct: All professions are bound by a code of conduct which guides the behaviour of its members.

There are several associations of practising managers in India, like the AIMA (All India Management Association) that has laid down a code of conduct to regulate the activities of their members.
ntelligence tests provide a global measure of a person s general cognitive competence including the ability to profit from schooling.
Psychological Test is an objective and standardised measure of an individual s mental and/or behavioural characteristics.
Objective tests have been developed to measure all the dimensions of psychological attributes (e.g., intelligence, aptitude, etc.
t consists of verbal as well as non-verbal tasks that measure basic cognitive functions presumed to be independent of schooling.
n 1905, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, made the first successful attempt to formally measure intelligence.
n 1908, when the scale was revised, they gave the concept of Mental Age (MA), which is a measure of a person s intellectual development relative to people of her/his age group.
Performance on intelligence tests is not the only measure for identifying the gifted.
Multiple Aptitude Tests exist in the form of test batteries, which measure aptitude in several separate but homogeneous areas.
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