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Given are the examples of hindi word vikasit hona usage in english sentences. The examples of vikasit hona are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., grow into, develop, evolve, implant, head.

At the same time management should enable all its members to grow and develop as needs and opportunities change.

Through motivation and leadership the management helps individuals to develop team spirit, cooperation and commitment to group success.
Psychologists have tried to develop tests that are culture-fair or culturally appropriate, i.e. one that does not discriminate against individuals belonging to different cultures.
Research literature suggests that children begin to develop their imagination during the early years of childhood but they express creativity mostly through physical activities and in non-verbal ways.
Though these organisations develop quality standards for many products, it is not compulsory for all the producers to follow standards.
Effective directing through motivation, communication and leadership helps to reduce such resistance and develop required cooperation in introducing changes in the organisation.
What makes people to behave the way they do? Why are some people reluctant to do the work though they have ability to do? What should be done to make people work effectively? For answering these questions, a manager should try to develop insights into causes of behaviour of people.
If suitable rewards are given and supervisor gives positive encouragement and praise for the good work done, the worker may slowly develop positive attitude towards the work.
These theories help to develop understanding about motivation phenomenon.
Healthy, educated and motivated people develop resources as per their requirements.
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