vyaapa?ta example and sentences

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Given are the examples of hindi word vyaapa?ta usage in english sentences. The examples of vyaapa?ta are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., employee, crew, white collar, staff, service, servant, worker, hand, secretary, sec, established, ensconced.

At HCL the management believes that a satisfied employee creates a satisfied customer, who in turn creates profits that lead to satisfied shareholders.

It has a complex organisation structure in which actual production is in the hands of several skilled artisans and marketing is done by staff at branches such as the one managed by Suhasini.
Management of operations: No matter what the organisation, it has some basic product or service to provide in order to survive.
Some days she may spend more time in planning a future exhibition and on another day she may spend time in sorting out an employee s problem.
It has also been observed that there has been an increase in the corporate form of business on the one hand and increasing emphasis on managed business concerns.
This may be profit maximisation for a business enterprise and service for a hospital.
Once a specific plan has been established for the accomplishment of an organisational goal, the organising function examines the activities and resources required to implement the plan.
The task of controlling involves establishing standards of performance, measuring current performance, comparing this with established standards and taking corrective action where any deviation is found.
The various functions of a manager are usually discussed in the order given above, suggesting that a manager first plans, then organises, puts staff in position, then directs, and finally controls.
After they step out of their door, someone begins the time-consuming process of preparing the worker a fresh, home-cooked lunch.
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