shuchis example and sentences

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Given are the examples of hindi word shuchis usage in english sentences. The examples of shuchis are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., lamp, focus, light, gleam, lightning, fire, light, flame, lustre, radiance, flash, brightness, luminosity, vision, splendour, brilliance, splendor, glow.

The sun gives light to the world.सूरज दुनिया को प्रकाश देता है|

That vision in 1976, born out of a Delhi barsaati , has resulted three decades later in creating a US $ 3.
A manager applies this acquired knowledge in a personalised and skillful manner in the light of the realities of a given situation.
It gives a common focus to group effort to ensure that performance is as it was planned and scheduled.
The major focus of this approach is on how an intelligent person acts.
Arousal forces you to focus your attention on reading, learning and revising the contents of the chapters.
Unlike the western views, which primarily focus on cognitive parameters, the following competencies are identified as facets of intelligence in the ndian tradition : Cognitive capacity (sensitivity to context, understanding, discrimination, problem solving, and effective communication).
n tests of intelligence, the person has to think of the right solution to the problem and the focus is on assessing abilities such as memory, logical reasoning, accuracy, perceptual ability, and clear thinking.
They become vital because we focus on a particular set of events as important.
If our focus of study changes, if we begin to look at new issues, a new set of dates will appear significant.
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