shraddhaadeya example and sentences

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Given are the examples of hindi word shraddhaadeya usage in english sentences. The examples of shraddhaadeya are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., reliance, assurance, belief, loyalty, faith, mythology, credit, confidence, believe, sureness, dependence, idea, suffix, affix, ian, postfix, ending, concept.

People belief that there is some form of life after death.लोगों की आस्था है कि मृत्यु के बाद भी जीवन होता है|

The quality of workmanship and the quantity of output depends on the hard work, discipline and loyalty of the workers.
While many psychologists believe that our behaviours are influenced by our personal traits, some others hold the view that our behaviours are influenced more by situational factors.
What do they lack? Some psychologists believe that the source of their difficulty may be a lack of emotional intelligence.
Hamel, too; the idea that he was going away, that I should never see him again, made me forget all about his ruler and how cranky he was.
In this idea of history, British rule represented all the forces of progress and civilisation.
It wants to build an army of warrior-entrepreneurs people who have the courage and skills to topple old ideas, and who believe in change passionately enough to make it happen.
Can you imagine Mircrosoft without Bill Gates, Reliance Industries without Ambanis, Infosys without Narayana Murthy, Tata without J.
Many times, the success of an organisation is attributed to the leader, but due credit is not given to the followers.
If superiors do not have confidence on the competency of their subordinates, they may not seek their advice or opinions.
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