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सफेदपोश लोगों से सावधान रहें सफेदपोश लोगों से सावधान रहें -महिला ने कहा कि सफेदपोश लोगों के घरों में भी लड़कियों को भेजा जाता है
साधारण अपराधों की तुलना में ये अपराध ज्यादा खतरनाक हैं, जिनमें सफेदपोश लिप्त हैं सफेदपोश राजनेता हो या उद्योगपति हो या फिर बड़े नौकरशाह सबके दरबार में खलीफा का आना जाना होता था bhaskar.comUsage and Example of saphedaposha

Given are the examples of hindi word saphedaposha usage in english sentences. The examples of saphedaposha are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., graceful, polite, received, cordial, mannerly, well mannered, good as gold, educated, civilized, civilised, as good as gold, smooth, well behaved, standard.

In fact, organisations may be considered the distinguishing feature that separated civilised society from uncivilised ones.

For this they need to: interpret the policies framed by top management, ensure that their department has the necessary personnel, assign necessary duties and responsibilities to them, motivate them to achieve desired objectives, and co-operate with other departments for smooth functioning of the organisation.
Hence, educated middle class white subjects generally perform well on those tests.
Archaeologists have found the Mahanavami platform where the king received guests and accepted tribute from subordinate chiefs.
If instructions are received from more than one, it creates confusion, conflict and disorder in the organisation.
Communication serves as the lubricant fostering for the smooth operations of the management process.
Communication makes possible for the smooth and unrestricted working of the enterprise.
It is only communication which makes smooth working of an enterprise possible.
The communication process may be improved by the feedback received to make it more responsive.
Different citizens differ from one another in many ways: some are rich, some are poor; some are highly educated, some are not so educated or not educated at all; some are kind, others are not so kind.
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