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झगहा थाना क्षेत्र के अमडीहा गांव के भैरो पिपरा टोले पर बुधवार को ताजिया हाई वोल्टेज तार से स्पर्श कर गयाlivehindustan.comहाई वोल्टेज तार से स्पर्श करने पर ताजिया में उतरा करंट, छह झुलसे बिना स्पर्श परखी जा सकेगी फल-सब्जियों की गुणवत्ता
कुरसेवा स्थित स्कूल से घर लौटते समय 3 अगस्त को बस रूकवाकर अपहृत कर ली गई पांच साल की स्पर्श अग्रवाल को सोमवार की सुबह नेपाल के विराटनगर से बरामद कर लिया गयाlivehindustan.comVIDEO: मां का स्पर्श उन बेटियों के लिए, जो इससे अछूती रह गईं

Given are the examples of hindi word sparsh usage in english sentences. The examples of sparsh are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., feel, touch, stroke, stop.

Hamel say to me, I won t scold you, little Franz; you must feel bad enough.

For example, a good motivation plan with suitable monetary and non-monetary rewards can motivate an employee to contribute his maximum efforts for the organisation as he or she may feel that their efforts will bring them suitable rewards.
The functions and performance of the supervisor are vital to any organisation because he is directly related with workers whereas other mangers have no direct touch with bottom level workers.
They want certain stability about future income and work so that they do not feel worried on these aspects and work with greater zeal.
When people feel that they are not likely to lose their jobs, they may become complacent.
They feel that through elections they can bring pressure on political parties to adopt policies and programmes favourable to them.
They also feel that their vote matters in the way things are run in the country.
If debt component of the total long-term funds employed is small, outsiders feel more secure.
It is a good sound to read by the rain outside, the quiet within and, although tin roofs are given to springing unaccountable leaks, there is a feeling of being untouched by, and yet in touch with, the rain.
In those days, the British Council Library had an entrance with no long winded signboards and notices to make you feel you were sneaking into a forbidden area.
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