Meaning of gan in english - Gan meaning 

Meaning of gan in english

Interpreting gan - गन
As noun : college gun
Suggested : a weapon consisting of a metal tube, with mechanical attachments, from which projectiles are shot by the force of an explosive a piece of ordnance
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Usage of गन:
1. केरल में आवारा कुत्तों से परेशान आकर एक संस्था ने दक्षिण-मध्य कोट्टायम जिले में एयर गन खरीदने वाले लोगों को सब्सिडी दे रही है, ताकि हिंसक कुत्तों से बचा जा सकेlivehindustan.com2. इस राज्य में गन खरीदने पर दिया जा रहा है सब्सिडी ऑफर, पढ़ें क्योंlivehindustan.com3. गन प्वाइंट पर रखकर बियर से भरा ट्रक और नकदी लूटी
1. He is always in the forefront in college functions. 2. Although Sweden finally broke out of the union in 1523 3. Caesar defeated the Germanic tribe of the Suebi, which was led by Ariovistus. 4. Dar es Salaam is actually an administrative province within Tanzania 5. Air travel is the only way to reach the far north community of Old Crow. 6. Charles stood off from the group . 7. Mustard gas was the agent of choice 8. a battalion of ants 9. In North America, wood was sculpted for totems, totem poles, masks, and boats. 10. New York; by 1984 the order operated 19 establishments throughout the country.
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gan can be used as noun.. No of characters: 2 including consonants. Transliteration : gana 
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