(barf todane ka sua) बर्फ़ तोड़ने का सुआ meaning in hindi | Definition | Matlab 

बर्फ़ तोड़ने का सुआ - barf todane ka sua meaning in hindi

 अँग्रेज़ी अर्थ उदाहरण
Suggested :
जीवितज्ञा artery
The river is a major transportation artery for China
बंस cane
Sugar cane was the first industry in the area.
तरस्वी martial
Taekwondo, a popular martial art, originated in Korea.
छोड़ देनाना desert
Lima has a subtropical and desert climate
चतुराई से subtly
Palladian architecture in Ireland subtly differs from that in England.

barf todane ka sua अक्षरों की संख्या: 19 स्वर व्यंजन मात्रासहित । Transliterate in english : barfa toDane kaa suaa
Related spellings : barf todane ka sua

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