(mila lena) मिला लेना meaning in hindi | Definition | Matlab 

मिला लेना - mila lena meaning in hindi

 अँग्रेज़ी अर्थ उदाहरण
Suggested :
तितिक्ष tolerant
He is a tolerant person and easily adapts to new situations.
ओतु cat
When a cat bonds with its human guardian
परिचर्या service
The main service providers are Sikkim Cable, Dish TV, Doordarshan and Nayuma.
अप्राप्त absent
Fruit soups are uncommon or absent in the cuisines of the Americas
पातरी precise
The most precise estimate of the universe's age is 13.7±0.2 billion years old

mila lena अक्षरों की संख्या: 9 व्यंजन मात्रासहित । Transliterate in english : milaa lenaa
Related spellings : mila lena

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