Meaning of iंchchhaya in english - Iंchchhaya meaning 

Meaning of iंchchhaya in english

Interpreting iंchchhaya - इंच्छया
Suggested : a desire for food or drink strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant a general understanding vague or imperfect conception or idea of something am (is, are, etc) about or going to to wish or long for crave want
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Usage of इंच्छया: 1. Belarus has not expressed a desire to join NATO 2. dinner will be at 8 3. Governor Kaine rejected the notion 4. Bobby has a big appetite for sports and activity . 5. No longer willing to "take the veil," as she described being in a Broadway role 6. Have a great itch to write 7. I wish you wouldn't be so hard on me . 8. They are of the same mood they accord well together 9. neonatal care 10. Wear envy someone, wishing happiness, a similar advantage to its own, without being angry that he enjoys in
iंchchhaya can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 7 including vowels consonants matras. Transliteration : iंchChayaa
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