Meaning of ) in english - (ललित meaning 

Meaning of (ललित,) in english

As adverb : pretty
Suggested : a person very dear to another one dearly loved pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness greatly loved dear to the heart charmingly or exquisitely beautiful very attractive or delightful charming
Exampleललित, का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of ललित,:
1. स्थानीय लोगों हरिमोहन, चिंताराम, रामेश्वर, चंद्रदत्त अत्रि, ठाकुर सिंह, राजेंद्र, जयदेव अत्रि, मोहन दास, सतीश, लीलादत्त अत्रि, लक्ष्मण सिंह, ललित, नरेंद्र, दिनेश, मोहन लाल आदि लोगों ने वन विभाग से पिंजरे लगा कर तेंदुए को पकड़ने की मांग की है bhaskar.com2. भावना, वनीता, पूनम, नरेंद्र, हर्ष, कमलराज, ललित, कल्पना, रवि, राजकुमार, शालिनी कश्यप, मीनाक्षी, भारती, हरनाम ने बताया कि सुदर्शन क्रिया को करने से उन्हें तनाव मुक्ति का अहसास हुआ bhaskar.com3. सभा में बीएम नैंटा, सीआरबी ललित, यशपाल शर्मा, नारायण सिंह चौहान, हरिनंद मेहता, अमर सिंह, नरेंद्र चौहान, रामभज ठाकुर, सतीश ठाकुर, सुरेंद्र हिन्दुस्तानी प्रो, रामलाल तोमर, कपिल महाशय, कुलभूषण गुप्ता, दर्शन सिंह पुंडीर समेत अनेक गणमान्य लोग शिरकत करेंगे
1. A beautiful ground floor, a beautiful set of coins Bungalow 2. , Honest boy told properly a well-behaved boy, whose manners and inclinations are honest and sweet 3. It is a soul innocent, an innocent heart 4. It often means today Who has the clear sound money 5. I do not know the exact date of this event 6. It is said that even Medium voice, and means Aorist, perfect way 7. This made the script easy to learn 8. substantively, it is a naive 9. Bring us to the light, a light 10. Tottle claims that while there were severe economic hardships in Ukraine
(ललित,) can be used as noun, verb, adverb or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 5 including consonants matras. The word is used as Adjective in hindi originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : lalita, 
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