Meaning of prachand in english - Prachand meaning 

Meaning of prachand in english

Interpreting prachand - प्रचण्ड
As verb : raging towering
Suggested : pertaining to or having the nature of a torrent harsh unnecessarily extreme full of fury , violent passion, or rage extremely angry enraged evil or morally bad in principle or practice sinful iniquitous angry fury violent anger
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Usage of प्रचण्ड:
1. इलाहाबाद व बांदा का पारा हाई, प्रचण्ड ग्रीष्म लहर से जनजीवन बेहाल LiveHindustan
1. , a fierce battle, where they fight with fiercely 2. sharp knife Sort, fixed blade, with one or two edges, are used which to dissect 3. Past films such as Yusuf Khan Sherbano dealt with serious subject matter 4. Overall, the illness is usually much less severe than bacterial meningitis. 5. Due to their wild nature 6. Fine days can be sunny and warm 7. Who's fury, raging 8. From the day he was still furious 9. Allison's large circulation dropped severe rains on southwest Louisiana. 10. Camille dropped torrential rainfall of to , with a maximum of .
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prachand can be used as noun, verb or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 7 including consonants matras. Transliteration : prachaNDa 
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