Meaning of (फैज) phaija in english - (फैज) Phaija meaning 

Meaning of (फैज) phaija in english

Suggested : to grow in bulk, as by the absorption of moisture or the processes of growth something added or gained addition increase the act of augmenting state of being augmented to increase in intensity, magnitude, etc to walk or march a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, military training, or the like
Exampleफैज का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of फैज:
1. हम देखेंगे, हम देखेंगे, हम देखेंगे, लाजिम है कि हम भी देखेंगे, वो दिन के जिसका वादा है मशहूर शायर फैज अहमद फैज की इस क्रांतिकारी गजल को व्यापारी भी गुनगुना रहे हैंamarujala.com2. हमारे घर में फैज अहमद फैज, फिराक गोरखपुरी, जोश मलीहाबादी, बेगम अख्तर... ये सब आकर हाउस गेस्ट रहे हैं bhaskar.com3. जिम्बाब्वे दौरे के लिए टीम इंडिया में शामिल किए गए विदर्भ के नवोदित बल्लेबाज फैज फजल ने कहा है कि उन्होंने तो टीम में खेलने की उम्मीद ही छोड़ दी थी लेकिन अब पहली बार टीम में चुने जाने से वह सन्न रह गए हैं
1. Approaching someone, To advance his side get near him 2. Sales of toys often increase around holidays where gift-giving is a tradition. 3. In addition to eumelanin 4. Some of these parties were eventually able to gain power 5. The towers rise to 99,25 and 100,98 meters 6. Some of these parties were eventually able to gain power 7. This development took advantage of new mass markets and emerging new technology 8. Trade did not always benefit the Indians. 9. From such things do not easily yield 10. In discussing the issue
(फैज) phaija can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 3 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Masculine gender . Transliteration : phaija 
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