Meaning of (संबन्ध) sanbandh in english - (संबन्ध) Sanbandh meaning 

Meaning of (संबन्ध) sanbandh in english

Other : concern interest
Suggested : to relate to be connected with be of interest or importance to affect the act or state of connecting to include as a necessary circumstance, condition, or consequence imply entail an existing connection a significant association between or among things the relation between two similar magnitudes with respect to the number of times the first contains the second
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Usage of संबन्ध:
1. पति के अवैध संबन्ध का विरोध करना पत्नी को काफी मंहगा पड़ गया livehindustan.com2. वे अनेक प्रसंगों में विशेषतया अतीन्द्रिय क्षमताओं के संबन्ध में मनुष्य से कहीं आगे हैं
1. STDs occur more frequently in girls than boys by a ratio of nearly 2:1 2. In the sense above, it is said particularly when talking about persons in relation to the professions and titles , dignities, etc 3. Over 93% of Taiwanese are adherents of a combination of Buddhism 4. Although Czolgosz repeatedly denied Goldman's involvement 5. The studies showed that there was no such connection . 6. It is a concern that gnaws, concerns plaguing the 7. Zaire was of great strategic interest to France.
(संबन्ध) sanbandh can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 6 including consonants matras. Transliteration : sa.nbandha 
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