Meaning of (सलिंग) saliंga in english - (सलिंग) Saliंga meaning 

Meaning of (सलिंग) saliंga in english

As verb : fitted befit
Suggested : fit or proper to be chosen worthy of choice desirable a class or group of individual objects, people, animals, etc, of the same nature or character, or classified together because they have traits in common category extending in the same direction, equidistant at all points, and never converging or diverging a person's relatives collectively kinfolk kin of kin related by blood (usually used predicatively)
Exampleसलिंग का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of सलिंग: 1. His civil petition means have been deemed eligible 2. This is a man worthy of death, Death 3. Is he able but not willing? 4. Almost all foreign authors who are worth it have been translated into French 5. This area has many inscriptions relating the good deeds of pilgrims 6. This passage is subject to many different interpretations, is susceptible of different interpretations 7. Though intended to be a regular feature 8. This right was also granted to the defending champions between 1938 and 2002 9. In terms of Zoology, Bee cirière and elliptically Cirière, one that harvest and implements the materials suitable for the construction of the cells 10. It will profit you nothing
(सलिंग) saliंga can be used as noun, verb or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 5 including consonants matras. The word is used as Adjective in hindi originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : saliंga 
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