Meaning of ta in english - Ta meaning 

Meaning of ta in english

Interpreting ta - त
As verb : inspired
As adjective : awakened
Suggested : a commercial service with terminals and boats for transporting persons, automobiles, etc, across a river or other comparatively small body of water a vessel for transport by water, constructed to provide buoyancy by excluding water and shaped to give stability and permit propulsion skill in boating and water sports a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercial purposes an art , trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill
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Usage of त:
1. त रात शराब पीकर एक फौजी ने बनभूलपुरा में जमकर उत्पात मचाया jagran.com2. पहले ने कहा- अरे हमन कहीं नि कर सकन त गांव के जनप्रतिनिधि मन तो कर सकतिन फेर एकरो अधिकार ल हमर सरकार हर कटौती करके दूसर ल दे देेहे bhaskar.com3. दूसरा बोलता है- त एमे हमन काय कर सकथन यार
1. A quarter of Finland's territory lies above the Arctic Circle 2. The same word sometimes refers to lavlu or vuelie songs 3. Spanish and Portuguese both have large numbers of Arabic loan words 4. 1887, his father died of tongue cancer. 5. Mary speaks Fred's language . 6. Chinese critics traditionally used the term 集大成 7. craft currency, Making Species 8. Charter yacht visits usually begin in the Falkland Islands 9. The guy's missed the boat . 10. A ferry also operates between Saipan and Tinian
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ta can be used as noun, verb or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 1 including consonants. The word is used as Noun, Verb and/or Adjective in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from Sanskrit and/or Hindi language . Transliteration : ta 
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