Meaning of taga in english - Taga meaning 

Meaning of taga in english

Interpreting taga - तग
As adjective : pending
As adverb : around by over
Other : unto to for
Suggested : in a circle, ring, or the like so as to surround a person, group, thing, etc up to the time that or when till (used to indicate a person, thing, idea, state, event, time, remark, etc, as pointed out or present, mentioned before, supposed to be understood, or by way of emphasis) to, toward, or in a more elevated position up to the time of until
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Usage of तग: 1. Glacial depressions are also produced in till deposits. 2. She drove up to the door and stopped . 3. Most of the flats in that building are owner-occupied 4. It rained on the fields until they were f looded . 5. It chased around all the children . 6. Muhammad exclaimed "Mecca hath thrown unto you the best morsels of her liver". 7. Her boss intimidates her by threats. 8. She drove up to the door and stopped . 9. Sona was punished for her disobedience. 10. Such variations were very common up until the 1940s and still occur
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taga can be used as noun, verb, adverb or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 2 including consonants. Transliteration : taga
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