Meaning of ukhadana in english - Ukhadana meaning 

Meaning of ukhadana in english

Interpreting ukhadana - उखाड़ना
As verb : pull dig up
Suggested : to break up, turn over, or remove earth, sand, etc, as with a shovel, spade, bulldozer, or claw make an excavation to pull out by or as if by the roots a quick, sharp pull, thrust, twist, throw , or the like a sudden movement a short projecting part the thick-bodied, sluggish larva of several insects, as of a scarab beetle
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Usage of उखाड़ना: 1. I had to pull off and rest . 2. He attempted to eradicate the Chinese Communists during the civil war 3. Cut to the quick , says the surgeons who, to extirpate evil, cut into the living flesh 4. Since she accepted the new position, she has been raking it in 5. Fred was digging at the company he works for . 6. It is dying of grub 7. hound is used as intransitive verb, in terms of Marine and means Hitting bottom of the sea with the keel stub 8. In terms of physics, it means the more or less violent jerk that is experienced by a electric discharge 9. I just couldn't uproot myself from my home .
ukhadana can be used as verb. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 7 including vowels consonants matras. The word is used as Transitive Verb in hindi originated from Hindi language . Transliteration : ukhaaDanaa 
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