karanakkuri meaning in english

Word: காரணக்குறி - The tamil word have 10 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
karanakku?i means
1. something that portends or foreshadows a future event; an omen, prognostic, or warning indication.
2. a prognostic.
3. predictive of something in the future

Transliteration : kāraṇakkuRi Other spellings : karanakkuri

Meanings in english :

Meaning of karanakkuri in tamil

as one of the chlasses of nouns opposed to itukuṟi / as one of the classes of nouns opposed to இடுகுறி
kara nappeyar / கார ணப்பெயர்munnaṟikuṟi / முன்னறிகுறி
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