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kailasakalah iikalahkanarese word fkannada languagekanādas logickarum timber treekarṇāṭakakasiname of the city of benareskeenkeepkeeperkeeping the loose pieces of thread in spinningkeepingkeeps the rest all tightkept womankeptkernel of any kind freed from the shell askernel of the cocoanutkernel of the unripe palm fruitkerosine oilsometimes corrupted intokettle drumkettlekey of lutekey oflockkeykhondkibekillkilledkillingkinkind heartkind of alliterationkind of an earthern cover overpotkind of anisekind of antelopekind of aquatic plantkind of arrowkind of augerkind of axekind of beer made fromfermented pastekind of beltkind of birdkind of blindnesskind of cactuskind of cakekind of cannonkind of carp fishkind of carriagekind of clothkind of coarse flour called roulongkind of coarse grasskind of collyrium prepared from saffronkind of copper dishkind of creeperkind of cymbalskind of dance accompanied by story tellingkind of dancekind of dancingkind of dogkind of dramakind of drumkind of earringkind of earth saltkind of fairykind of fastkind of festivalkind of fine ricekind of fireworkkind of fireworks which when burnt throws out flowers resembling the leaves of thekind of fish of the species called chimaerakind of fishkind of flowering plantkind of forest treekind of fruit treekind of gamblingkind of game played by girlskind of gamekind of garmentkind of gemkind of gold chain worn at the wristkind of gold jewel worn on the armkind of good ricekind of grain called wild kidney beanskind of grainkind of grass calledkind of grass creeperkind of grass that sticks to the clothkind of grass used fkind of grasskind of great milletkind of gumkind of gymnastic exercisekind of hawkkind of herbkind of heronkind of horses pacekind of instrument used by weaverskind of jasminekind of javelinkind of jewel worn on the head by womenkind of large drumkind of leathern drumkind of lizard called by naturalists monitorkind of medicinekind of metre in which the vedas are composedkind of mongoosekind of monkeykind of musical instrument made of leatherkind of musical instrument resemblinglutekind of musical instrumentkind of necklacekind of netkind of noise made in griefkind of nutkind of owlkind of pacekind of plant like fennelkind of plantkind of plantainkind of ploverkind of potherb that is cropt and grows againkind of potherbkind of pulsekind of puzzlekind of quailkind of rakekind of red ricekind of reedkind of rice ofreddish colourkind of ricekind of rootkind of round cake made of black gramkind of sacrificekind of sandalkind of saucepankind of sawkind of sea fishkind of shrubkind of silk clothkind of silkkind of small cannonkind of snakekind of snarekind of songkind of spadekind of spinachkind of sweet cakekind of sweet cakeskind of sweet scented woodkind of sweetmeatkind of swordkind of the cemeterykind of thorny plantkind of torchkind of treekind of trumpetkind of vesselkind of water fowlkind of weaponkind of weaselkind of whirlwind that is adverse to sailing shipskind of wild shrubkind of wood from whichblack dye is extractedkind of woollen clothkind of wrestlingkind ofkind oflarge treekindkindledkindnesskindredking curlewking mentioned in the mahabharataking of serpentsking-crowking-fisherkingkingdomkings elephantkings ministerkinsman of the same family namekinsman on the fathers sidekinsman to the seventh generation indescent fromcommon ancestkisskistkitchenkiteknapsackknaverykneadkneadingknee-halteringkneekneeling down with one legknifeknob on the top of the leg ofcotknob onshieldknob