Affection meaning in hindi | Affection ka matlab 

Affection meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Affection 
Usage of Affection: 1: Play about with a young girls affection 2: he openly flaunted his affection for his sister 3: the mutuality of their affection was obvious 4: He always shows fraternal affection to her. 5: Kierkegaard had an affection towards Mynster 6: They had shared a mutual bond of affection for just over a decade. 7: Both were orphans in need of affection 8: They had a shared affection for good talk 9: People referred to them with affection and respect as pirs . 10: A friend of everybody, friend of mankind, one who seems to have an affection for everyone and because of this is suspected not to have truly for anyone
Affection ki paribhasha : mal jo atma ki drak aur drakashakti ko aachchhaadit karata hai vah avastha jisase sharir achchhi tarah na chale aur jisake badhane par jivan men sndeh ho vah manovratti jisake anusaar kisi vastu ya vyakti aadi ke snbndh men yah ichchha hoti hai ki vah sada hamaare paas ya hamaare saath rahe, usaki vraddhi, unnati ya hit hi athava ham usaka bhog karen kuchh ka kuchh samajh lenevaali buddhi kisi padaarth ko apana samajhane ka bhaav ek prakaar ka raag jo hanumat ke mat se hindol raag ka putr hai

Affection synonyms
emotion desire kindness love sentiment closeness tenderness passion good will feeling friendship warmth devotion care case heart hankering itch yen ardor regard endearment solicitude crush propensity attachment weakness predilection liking concern friendliness shine inclination puppy love soft spot amore
Affection antonyms
dislike hate hatred indifference carelessness negligence coldness antipathy animosity enmity ill will neglect disinterest 
Usage of Affection in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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