Arrival meaning in hindi | Arrival ka matlab 

Arrival meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Arrival 
Usage of Arrival: 1: We are going to have a new arrival in our family. 2: news of his proximate arrival 3: they awaited her arrival 4: On hearing the arrival of her father, she ran like mad. 5: Her countenance transfigured with the arrival of the guests. 6: I didn't know of Wally's arrival . 7: I will stay up for her arrival . 8: Upon his arrival in the district 9: This change was heralded by the arrival of spouge 10: With the arrival of ASW aircraft
Arrival ki paribhasha : kisi sthaan tak apane ko le jaane ki kriya ya shakti kisi sthaan men pair rakhane ya jaane ki kriya snbhaogaarth naari ke paas aana garbh men se nikalakar jivan dhaaran karane ki kriya

Usage of Arrival in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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