Attendance meaning in hindi | Attendance ka matlab 

Attendance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Attendance 
Usage of Attendance: 1: The snacks were served to everyone in attendance . 2: I will take attendance each day . 3: Sponsorship and club attendance is also increasing in rugby union 4: Woods doubled attendance and TV ratings 5: Both regularly have attendance of home football games. 6: School attendance is compulsory throughout Australia 7: The largest hockey attendance in history was on October 6 8: The first year is known as Reception, where attendance is up to 5 years. 9: Although attendance rates are higher in the south 10: 1849, school attendance had risen to 63 students.
Attendance ki paribhasha : vidyaarthiyon ya majadooron ki ganana doosare ko aaraam pahuanchaane ki kriya rogi ki seva shushroosha vastuon ka vah parimaan jo ginakar jaana jaay

Attendance synonyms
appearance participation presence attending being in evidence being there draw gross gathering assembly crowd house company congregation audience gate turnout public assemblage box office witnesses observers patrons spectators onlookers
Attendance antonyms
reality absence 
Usage of Attendance in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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