Callousness meaning in hindi | Callousness ka matlab 

Callousness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Callousness 
Callousness ki paribhasha : sharir par vah ubhad hua chihn jo kisi vastu ki ragad lagate lagate pad jaata hai

Callousness synonyms
harshness rawness smut roughness ribaldry smuttiness indelicacy unevenness bawdiness crudity crassness boorishness offensiveness uncouthness earthiness poor taste unrefinement torture malice barbarity persecution barbarism bestiality rancor despotism sadism wickedness severity spite animality fierceness venom depravity ferocity viciousness insensibility malignity spitefulness coldness insensitiveness unfeelingness murderousness mercilessness unkindness heartlessness bloodthirstiness ruthlessness savageness masochism brutishness fiendishness hard-heartedness negligence disdain carelessness inattention apathy lack nonchalance alienation disinterest disregard inertia lethargy coolness stoicism neutrality disinterestedness impartiality dispassion equity objectivity immunity torpor impassivity listlessness detachment heedlessness aloofness unconcern cold shoulder insensitivity impassiveness unmindfulness insouciance isolationism noninterference cold-bloodedness brutality atrocity maliciousness violence inconsiderateness thoughtlessness disloyalty rudeness thanklessness unthankfulness armor numbness imperviousness elephant skin formidable defenses hard shell rhinoceros hide thick hide thick shell unimportance insignificance
Callousness antonyms
manners sophistication delicacy politeness refinement compassion gentility mercy thoughtfulness kindness love charity consideration feeling niceness esteem respect attention bias caring concern interest involvement regard sympathy gratitude appreciation activity life liveliness 
Usage of Callousness in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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