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Clan meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Clan 
Usage of Clan: 1: the clan of small violets look beautiful. 2: Kuwait City was first settled in the early 18th Century by the Al-Sabāh clan 3: Timur belonged to a family of Turkicized Barlas clan of Mongol origin. 4: These are characterized by a pronounced territorial clan system. 5: Each clan had a territory 6: Yesükhei's clan was called Borjigin , and Hoelun was from the Olkhunut tribe. 7: Genghis's Borjigid clan 8: Genghis' father, Yesükhei emerged as the head of the ruling clan of the Mongols 9: Temüjin had to return home to claim the position of clan chief. 10: However, his father's clan refused to be led by a boy so young.
Clan ki paribhasha : aise manushyon ka samudaay jinamen kisi vishay men samaanata ho kul ya vnsh ki sngya jo usake kisi mool purush ke anusaar hoti hai hinduon men manushy samaaj ka vah vibhaag jo pahale pahal karmaanusaar kiya gaya thaa, par pichhe se svabhaavata: janmaanusaar ho gaya kisi vastu ke un do sam khndon men se eka, jo ek doosare se svabhaavataः jude hue hon par jara sa dabaab padne se alag ho jaayan khadg ke bich ka vah bhaag jo ooancha ho, arthaat jahaaan par vah adhik chaud hota hai

Clan synonyms
tribe faction society sect band mob gang sodality set group crowd coterie club house outfit crew crush race folks organization ring bunch moiety association stock kinfolks insiders
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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