Cold blooded meaning in hindi | Cold blooded ka matlab 

Cold blooded meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cold blooded 
Cold blooded synonyms
barbarous brutal hardened merciless hard-boiled imperturbable obdurate pitiless relentless unemotional unmoved hard-hearted steely stony-hearted insensitive careless indifferent apathetic uncaring unbending impenitent inflexible insensate insensible soulless spiritless stiff stubborn thick-skinned torpid tough unaffected unconcerned unresponsive hard-bitten insentient unimpressionable unsusceptible indurated toughened inured blind to case-hardened deaf to lukewarm icy distant frosty inhospitable cool frigid dead glacial inhibited joyless phlegmatic reserved reticent standoffish unenthusiastic undemonstrative unimpassioned atrocious harsh bitter tyrannical vicious evil hateful spiteful painful sadistic wicked bestial bloodthirsty degenerate depraved excruciating ferocious fierce flinty hellish implacable inexorable malevolent monstrous pernicious poignant revengeful sinful unnatural unrelenting virulent rancorous brutish demoniac premeditated careful conscious purposeful calculated studious thoughtful cautious willful prudent meticulous studied intended considered express predetermined planned advised fixed cut-and-dried provident scrupulous voluntary wary resolved reasoned designed projected weighed schemed pondered prearranged purposed judged aforethought designful done on purpose predesigned predeterminate prepense purposive thought out with forethought witting disinterested abstract unbiased candid sober detached aloof calm collected composed fair judicial just moderate neutral nonpartisan objective quiet serene temperate unflappable uninvolved unprejudiced unruffled cold-fish cool cat iceberg laid back nondiscriminatory poker-faced unexcitable unexcited couldn't care less deadpan blank chill flat immovable in cold blood poker face remote cold fish nonemotional nowhere stony-eyed toneless with straight face bleak grim acrimonious angry antagonistic austere dark disagreeable distressing dour exacting grievous hostile inclement intemperate intolerable perverse rigorous rugged severe stern strict stringent unjust unpleasant unsparing resentful hard as nails intolerant coldhearted cold-hearted taciturn stoic stolid placid dry inexpressive inscrutable nonchalant sedate wooden insusceptible self-contained inexcitable stoical unimpressible businesslike cold turkey colorless equal equitable formal impartial bureaucratic strictly business uncolored unpassioned barbaric cannibalistic devilish diabolical fell fiendish malicious malign malignant mean remorseless truculent unvarnished pragmatic down-to-earth factual dull earthy feasible lifeless mundane naked plain practical prosaic serious unimaginative prosy unidealistic unsentimental unforgiving unyielding cutthroat vindictive adamant dog-eat-dog feral killer mortal surly unmerciful unappeasable ironfisted without pity murderous bloody violent destructive raging crazed infernal beastly frantic furious rabid rapacious ravening ferine wolfish expressionless chilly firm rough asleep cantankerous churlish crotchety inanimate senseless benumbed anesthetized deadened feelingless iron-hearted sensationless unamiable uncordial unfriendly nasty inconsiderate thoughtless uncharitable antipathetic halfhearted repellent repugnant uncongenial aversive untouched
Cold blooded antonyms
kind compassionate friendly merciful nice gentle giving sympathetic feeling demonstrative warm-blooded mindful responsive interested caring concerned sensitive tender excited animated eager enthusiastic fervid zealous hot ardent considerate pleasing polite pleasant moral helpful humane easy mild good decent charitable thoughtful uncruel inattentive incautious ignorant heedless imprudent unplanned indefinite chance indeterminate unintentional unsystematic unwitting careless thoughtless uncareful unmindful unmethodical biased emotional subjective prejudiced involved moved partial cheerful malleable pliable facile disputable inexact questionable uncertain untrue bright sunny flexible pliant soft yielding simple doubtful softhearted warmhearted communicative agitated nervous susceptible informal personable personal human/humane sensate imaginative lively unreasonable civilized forgiving nonviolent peaceful calm tame domesticated benign smiling loving 
Usage of Cold blooded in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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