Courtesy meaning in hindi | Courtesy ka matlab 

Courtesy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Courtesy 
Usage of Courtesy: 1: Show courtesy towards your elders. 2: They invited me out of courtesy . 3: Jieshi soon became his courtesy name . 4: Laozi's given name was Er, his surname was Li and his courtesy name was Boyang. 5: A courtesy joust 6: Conversely, this is not French, said of a Us or even an action contrary to the honor, the generosity, the delicacy, courtesy 7: He was treated with great courtesy 8: It is a common courtesy to greet older people 9: It made me a courtesy which I was not expecting 10: Lyrics courtesy
Courtesy ki paribhasha : vah achchha barataav jo keval dikhalaane ke liye kiya jaay maanana .... aadhinata vyavahaar men dinata ya adhinata ka bhaav bina kisi pratikaar ki aasha ke dusare ki bhalaayi karane ki ichchha ya vratti

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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