Dispense with meaning in hindi | Dispense with ka matlab 

Dispense with meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dispense with 
Usage of Dispense with: 1: Decently, we can not dispense with pay him a visit 2: Does he think his rank exempts him from this obligation? Nothing can dispense with you 3: Doing something perfunctorily, Carelessly, and because we can not dispense with 4: In terms of stock exchange , Selling or outright sale, purchase or sale of Treasury bills payable at a fixed term, which came, one can dispense with make or take effect, regardless of the course 5: Making a virtue of necessity, to solve If courageously and graciously something that is unpleasant, painful, but we can not dispense with 6: PARESSE is said colloquially, in a less strict sense, in a Certain weak temperament bringing to dispense with all that requires a little effort 7: Since you can dispense with this, I urge you to do so gracefully 8: The church can dispense with regard to substantive law, but not of what is divine right 9: You can dispense with gratitude, for he is nothing less than your benefactor, is not at all your benefactor

Dispense with synonyms
relinquish dispose of get rid of waive abolish ignore forgo disregard do without brush aside cancel pass over shake off abstain from give up render needless
Dispense with antonyms
note use hold keep continue pay attention regard accept retain take 
Usage of Dispense with in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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