Dissipation meaning in hindi | Dissipation ka matlab 

Dissipation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dissipation 
Usage of Dissipation: 1: the dissipation of the mist 2: A reversible process is one in which this sort of dissipation does not happen. 3: Techniques for heat dissipation can include heatsinks and fans for air cooling 4: Thus began a 250-year dispute over the dissipation theory versus diversion. 5: According to opponents of the dissipation technology 6: This is the main dissipation mechanism in the Northeast Pacific ocean. 7: be in dissipation 8: Damage, dissipation 9: Finance dissipation 10: It was ruined by his dissipation
Dissipation ki paribhasha : niti shaastr ke anusaar raaja ke RRishi, basti, durga, setu, hastibndhana, khaana, karagrahan aur sena ke samooh ashtavarg ka hraas ya naash

Dissipation synonyms
recreation tear self-indulgence circus toot bust diversion gratification bender party distraction binge celebration blow-out divertissement wingding intemperance profligacy dissolution abandonment evil extravagance dissoluteness drunkenness lavishness prodigality waste debauchery squandering self-gratification free-living high-living life in the fast lane to hell in handbasket diffusion improvidence disintegration radiation emission dispersal dispersion vanishing spread dissemination distribution scattering wastage
Dissipation antonyms
unselfishness virtue work appearance moderation temperance economy saving suppression collection gathering hoarding 
Usage of Dissipation in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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