Diversion meaning in hindi | Diversion ka matlab 

Diversion meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Diversion 
Usage of Diversion: 1: scuba diving is provided as a diversion for tourists 2: The mean flow of the total river before diversion is 22,000 ft³/s . 3: A diversion was created by Mbopa 4: He was ordered by a judge to a drug diversion program. 5: He was ordered to a drug diversion program. 6: After a brief diversion into disco in the late-1970s 7: A happy diversion 8: Making a diversion to ease a dispute 9: Occupation exercise that diversion at work and serves as a relaxation 10: The arrival of his friends was a diversion from his grief
Diversion ki paribhasha : chitt ka kisi or kuchh kaal ke liye lag jaana vah chhota kuand chaupaaye paani pite hain vah ddashy jise dekhane se manornjan ho prastut varna्y vishay ko tyaag kar any vishay ka grahan ya pravartan man ko prasann karane ki kriya ya bhaav

Diversion synonyms
deviation departure detour aberration digression divergence alteration variation red herring turning deflection fake out fun pleasure pastime amusement distraction levity play ball picnic enjoyment delectation delight frivolity game gratification relaxation dissipation sport relish hoopla disport high time grins merry-go-round whoopee laughs beguilement divertissement field day fun and games
Diversion antonyms
sameness chore task vocation conformity agreement conforming staying work sadness dissatisfaction sorrow seriousness misery unhappiness disappointment 
Usage of Diversion in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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