Encourage meaning in hindi | Encourage ka matlab 

Encourage meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Encourage 
Usage of Encourage: 1: I always encourage Ashu to play cricket. 2: It is not good to encourage inviduous behaviour. 3: Schools and universities encourage participation in team sports 4: The use of money is thought to encourage trade and the division of labour. 5: I therefore want to encourage public interest in space. 6: Thus there are both dynamic influences that encourage acceptance of new things 7: Davis anticipated that her reception would encourage Warner Bros. 8: The teachings encourage a close relationship with God, rather than one of fear. 9: In order to encourage financial commitment from the British Government 10: Many environmental groups encourage individual action against global warming

Encourage synonyms
restore inspire strengthen boost embolden reassure hearten spur buoy brighten fortify revitalize rally animate console enliven incite comfort goad applaud exhilarate galvanize gladden sway instigate prick revivify excite inspirit rouse steel energize stir refresh cheer praise push buck up cheer up enhearten give shot in arm prop up psych up bolster subsidize advocate develop invite assist favor reinforce further aid promote ease improve abet befriend relieve back second sanction prevail solace uphold foster sustain endorse forward brace serve countenance advance succor approve back up egg on go for pat on the back get behind give a leg up pull for root for side with smile upon subscribe to
Encourage antonyms
dissuade dishearten weaken deaden annoy sadden tire deter calm repress deject dispirit block hurt discourage dull depress upset agitate trouble bore leave alone dampen confuse uninspire hinder obstruct prevent undermine protest decrease cease reject disapprove thwart impede injure worsen ignore worry condemn refuse oppose halt stop neglect disagree 
Usage of Encourage in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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