Enthuse meaning in hindi | Enthuse ka matlab 

Enthuse meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Enthuse 
Usage of Enthuse: 1: One of the two genres, one that is excessive admiration, a kind of infatuation for someone or for something and, absolutely, Whoever is subject to be infatuated, to enthuse

Enthuse synonyms
fondle want pet spoil rhapsodize dote on rhapsody lick chops make much of slobber over disturb energize invigorate stir excite astound jolt amaze startle astonish galvanize animate rouse stun power shock jar stagger charge wire strike magnetize frenzy commove dynamize take one's breath away inspire inflame enliven intensify incite inspirit quicken irritate exalt inform heighten intoxicate effuse prate blather babble chatter overstate effervesce prattle jabber carry on about fall all over go on about make a to-do over faze touch affect awe sway slay pique arouse kill bulldoze score get grandstand register stimulate grab enforce knock out show off overawe buffalo be conspicuous blow away make a hit make an impression make splash push around prompt bring about motivate induce generate elicit kindle precipitate cause instigate rally waken whet titillate begin produce promote prime awaken challenge occasion bring down bring on build up roust lead to bestir innervate titivate call forth draw forth fire up give rise to innerve suscitate bring to one's feet bubble praise be delighted be excited be mad about be wild about cry up enthrall ravish charm enrapture turn on tickle enchant wow palpitate quiver juice tingle flush glow tremble flutter go over big key up stir up knock one's socks off race one's motor enkindle
Enthuse antonyms
calm comfort pacify quiet deaden bore depress dull discourage compose expect dissuade soothe slow weaken deter retard delight hire please trickle be quiet create bear give birth stop fail lose leave alone miss take apart neglect prevent wait dishearten destroy ruin demote halt put out disenchant make happy end denounce displease offend turn off repulse repel receive bring down be still 
Usage of Enthuse in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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