Even handed meaning in hindi | Even handed ka matlab 

Even handed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Even handed 
Even handed synonyms
aboveboard balanced honest honorable impartial just justifiable neutral nonpartisan objective on the level reasonable right straight upright virtuous on the up-and-up dispassionate aloof indifferent unselfish casual candid impersonal lackadaisical negative outside perfunctory remote unconcerned withdrawn incurious just watching the clock not giving a damn uncurious democratic equable nondiscriminatory uncolored without distinction decent stable proper due ethical fair and square moral proportionate rightful fair shake cricket even-steven fair-to-middling square deal civil sincere lawful principled generous good straightforward legitimate trustworthy clean courteous open frank moderate benevolent blameless pious praiseworthy respectable righteous scrupulous temperate uncorrupted on up-and-up open-minded cold on the fence uninterested unbigoted liberal fair-minded uninfluenced
Even handed antonyms
biased subjective interested partial prejudiced feeling involved concerned passionate unlike unmatched variable varying disproportionate unfair unjust different not alike unequal unequitable unsuitable intolerable unreasonable impolite unkind dishonest untrustworthy illegal illegitimate unlawful unreliable deceitful lying repulsive cloudy stormy rude tricky misbehaving mean unvirtuous devious decided dark ugly inclement rainy 
Usage of Even handed in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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