Extravagant meaning in hindi | Extravagant ka matlab 

Extravagant meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Extravagant 
Usage of Extravagant: 1: He is an extravagant spender. 2: the expansiveness of their extravagant life style was soon curtailed 3: Ravi was pilloried in the media for the extravagant election compaigns. 4: It was an extravagant production but a commercial failure. 5: Matatus were easily distinguishable by their extravagant paint schemes. 6: By extension, extravagant Speech 7: By extension, it also means Who is burlesque, grotesque, extravagant 8: Caprice extravagant 9: Crazy Action and extravagant 10: Fashion ridiculous, extravagant
Extravagant ki paribhasha : bure kaamon men vyay karanevaala

Extravagant synonyms
fantastic excessive ludicrous fancy lavish exorbitant fanciful ornate costly bizarre expensive profligate ostentatious grandiose showy reckless flashy garish gaudy ridiculous implausible flamboyant exaggerated outrageous silly absurd crazy extortionate extreme foolish immoderate improvident imprudent inordinate nonsensical preposterous pretentious prodigal spendthrift steep unbalanced unconscionable unreasonable unrestrained overpriced
Extravagant antonyms
usual logical sensible inexpensive careful drab restrained tasteful believable wise provident stingy thrifty unpretentious ordinary plain small poor moderate reasonable cheap serious simple normal good modest calm close economical saving unflashy 
Usage of Extravagant in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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