A level example sentences

It extends up to the height of ~ 10 km from sea level.This representative good will have a level of production which will correspond to the average production level of all the goods and services.Over the time, the concentration of toxins in higher animals reach a level which causes serious metabolic and physiological disorders.However, with proper counselling and psychiatric treatment, PTSD can be remedied at least upto a level where the victims can be motivated, and helped to start life afresh.marked ineffectiveness of PDS, which is apparent from the fact that the average consumption of PDS grain at the all-India level is only 1 kg per person per month.Since wages and prices are generally rigid downwards (they do not fall below a level), employment cannot be restored automatically.For example, you can come first in a competition only if others do not perform to such a level that they can be judged as first.Whereas stratosphere extends above troposphere up to 50 km above sea level.Above the troposphere, between 10 and 50 km above sea level lies stratosphere.During these thousand years the societies of the subcontinent were transformed often and economies in several regions reached a level of prosperity that attracted the interest of European trading companies.The levelling of soil is done with the help of a leveller.But by doing so, its income will eventually rise to a level consistent with the higher spending level.Global warming can cause sea levels to rise dramatically.Worries can reach such a level that they surface as a frightening, painful physical sensation, which can be mistaken for a heart attack.If these trends continue, the average global temperature will increase to a level which may lead to melting of polar ice caps and flooding of low lying areas all over the earth.

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