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One important source is the official records of the British administration.First, certain goods, referred to as public goods (such as national defence, roads, government administration), as distinct from private goods (like clothes, cars, food items), cannot be provided through the market mechanism, i.e. by transactions between individual consumers and producers and must be provided by the government.In a developing country like India such choices have to be made to remove or reduce unemployment, to improve access to education and primary health care for all, to provide for good administration, to provide sufficiently for the defence of the country and so on.On the basis of their administration procedure, they can be categorised as individual or group tests.Such a situation developed in the northern parts of India in 185 After a hundred years of conquest and administration, the English East India Company faced a massive rebellion that started in May 1857 and threatened the Company's very presence in India.These officers work under political executive and assist them in carrying out the day-to-day administration.Governor-General Dalhousie declared that the territory was being misgoverned and British rule was needed to ensure proper administration.One historical reason is the low level of economic development under the British colonial administration.It is very common now for the Election Commission to reprimand the government and administration for their lapses.By the first half of the seventeenth century the administration became quite centralised.Karlson, President of the State Police Administration of the Ukraine to the Central Committee of the Communist Party, on 19 March 1930.The practice of surveying also became common under the colonial administration.It collects taxes and spends the money thus raised on administration, defence and development programmes.As the Mughal governor of the Deccan provinces, Asaf Jah already had full control over its political and financial administration.Several battles were fought by Guru Gobind Singh against the Rajput and Mughal rulers, both before and after the institution of the Khalsa in 169 After his death in 1708, the Khalsa rose in revolt against the Mughal authority under Banda Bahadur's leadership, declared their sovereign rule by striking coins in the name of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh, and established their own administration between the Sutlej and the Jamuna.

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